Asset-FinanceWhen you operate a fast growing business, finding the funds to purchase new business assets or equipment can be challenging.  First In Finance can give guidance and provide a number of asset finance options to help preserve working capital, minimise tax and work within your business model.

First in finance can provide fast asset and equipment finance to help finance almost any business asset or equipment including, technology, machinery, office fitouts, vehicles and more.  When you use asset finance to purchase equipment you are able to:

  • Preserve your business capital – By using asset finance vs your working capital you can use your capital for other business investments.  You can finance your asset for a period of 12 months to 10 years depending on the asset.
  • Make payments according to your cash-flow – Minimise the cash strain on your business that purchasing new assets can create.  Use your equipment or assets to generate income whilst you make smaller monthly instalments rather than purchase equipment outright.
  • Access and start using your new equipment as soon as possible – Asset finance means you can get your business assets to work quickly, creating income, cash flow and business growth.  Your repayments can also be tax deductible for some finance options.

First in Finance can structure asset finance in a way that best suits your business including:

  • Leasing – Use a finance lease to finance 100% of the value of the asset or equipment.  Lease terms vary from one to five years and if your asset is used to generate income your repayments may be tax deductible.
  • Commercial Hire Purchase – With Commercial Hire Purchase you can access flexible repayment arrangements and can purchase the asset or equipment outright at any time during the term of the agreement. You don’t need to pay a deposit and can finance up to 100% of the purchase price.
  • Chattel Mortgage – Use Chattel Mortgage finance to avoid using personal security.  The asset is held as security by the financier.

For more detailed information on the various asset finance and equipment finance options visit our FAQ’s on Asset and Equipment Finance.

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