Personal-Vehicle-loansFirst in Finance has extensive experience in arranging personal vehicle finance.  There’s nothing quite like that new car smell and experiencing driving it out of the showroom for the first time.  We can arrange personal vehicle finance for more than just cars.  Whether it’s a caravan, boat or motorbike, you can go shopping with confidence, knowing First In Finance will be able to source the right Personal Vehicle Loan for you.

Our relationships with a wide variety of funders mean we can offer either a simple personal loan for your vehicle or  work with you to access an number of other personal vehicle finance options quickly.  These include:

  • Finance Lease – With a Finance lease we can arrange to finance 100% of the price of your new vehicle.  The bank owns the asset and you lease it for an agreed term and amount.
  • Operating Lease (also known as rental) – With an Operating or Rental Lease you technically rent your new vehicle for a fixed period and then either return it at the end of the term, continue to rent or negotiate to purchase it outright.
  • Chattel Mortgage – You borrow funds to purchase your new vehicle and the funder holds the vehicle as security until the loan has been fully repaid. Once you’ve repaid the loan in full, the bank releases the mortgage over your vehicle
  • Novated Lease – We arrange your car repayments to be packaged as part of your salary, we arrange the finance and also work with your employer on your behalf.

When you work with a broker instead of a bank to arrange your personal vehicle finance, you benefit from the experience and independence that a finance broker offers.  We deliver solutions that are customised to your personal situation and take care of all of the leg work for you.

If you have your dream car, boat, motorbike or any other type of personal vehicle that you would like to arrange finance for please contact one of our experienced First in Finance advisers.

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