vehicle-financeFirst in Finance will work directly with you to determine the most effective finance option for the purchase of your new vehicle. We then work with your suppliers and the finance company to settle the transaction in the most efficient and responsible manner.

There are several options to choose from when it comes to vehicle finance. First In Finance will work with you to get a full understanding of your needs and personal financial situation and obtain the right finance solution.  First In Finance can provide vehicle finance in the form of:

  • Novated Lease – Package your car payments as part of your overall salary package.  First In Finance can work with you and your employer to arrange a competitive novated lease arrangement for your vehicle.
  • Commercial Hire Purchase – Commercial Hire Purchase allows you to obtain a vehicle without the need for a deposit and claim the tax deductions as a business expense.
  • Chattel Mortgage – A flexible vehicle finance option ideal for business owners, given the tax advantages available with this type of finance.
  • Other Lease Finance Options – First In Finance can access other vehicle lease options that are not broadly available, depending on your financial situation and requirements.
  • Rental Options – Operating lease or rental agreements are available providing your with more flexibility and options when the rental term comes to an end.
  • Insurance premium funding – Our Vehicle Finance can be packaged to include Insurance premiums, spreading the cost of your insurance premiums across your vehicle finance payments.
  • Fleet Management Options – Should you be seeking to arrange finance for a number of vehicles, First In Finance can assist with a variety of motor vehicle fleet financing options, including fleet management services
  • Master Limit Facilities – Save the hassle of arranging finance every time you add to your equipment of fleet of vehicles by arranging a master limit.  Repayments are made only on the proportion of the amount you draw down.

The important aspect with all our dealings is ownership of your transaction from interview, application, approval, settlement and ongoing relationship to continuing to build your First in Finance experience each and every time.

To learn more about the wide variety of vehicle finance options available visit our extensive vehicle finance FAQ’s

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