Commercial-Vehicle-FinanceWhether you are a sole trader buying a single vehicle or you have a whole fleet you need to finance and manage, First in Finance have a commercial vehicle finance solution for you.

With a wide variety of finance options available we can provide direction on the best commercial vehicle finance solution available. We will work directly with you to determine the most effective finance option for the purchase of your new vehicle.

We will work directly with you to determine the most effective finance options for the purchase of your new vehicle, fleet or management of your current fleet.

We then work with your supplier sand the finance company to settle the transaction in the most efficent and responsible manner.

Our  commercial vehicle finance and fleet management options include:

Finance for individual commercial vehicles or commercial fleets

  • Novated Lease – We can arrange to package your lease/loan repayments as part of your overall salary with our novated lease finance options.
  • Commercial Hire Purchase – The bank or finance company buys the vehicle at your request and you then buy it off the bank or finance company in agreed instalments.
  • Chattel Mortgage – You borrow funds to purchase your new vehicle and the funder holds the vehicle as security until the loan has been fully repaid.
  • Lease and Rental Finance – The finance company buys the commercial vehicle at your request and then it is rented to you for an agreed period. You have options at the end of the rental period to upgrade your commercial vehicle, renegotiate the rental payment and continue to rent it or negotiate a sum to buy the buy the vehicle.

Fleet Management of Commercial Vehicles

  • Insurance Premium Funding – Use Finance for your Commercial Vehicle Fleet Insurance and spread your payments monthly versus paying an annual large lump sum
  • Fleet Management Options – Outsource the management of your Commercial Fleet including, purchasing, financing, maintenance, insurance, accidents and repairs along with other aspects of commercial vehicle fleet management.
  • Master Limit Facilities – Instead of arranging finance for each commercial vehicle, arrange to have a master amount of available credit pre-approved.

The important aspect with all our dealings is ownership of your transaction from interview application, approval, settlement and ongoing relationship to continuing to build your First in Finance experience each and every time.

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