If you’re looking for a holiday, new car, debt consolidation, or just some home refurbishments, a personal loan may be just what you need. We are here to assist with your enquiry and provide a solution to your need.

Personal loans give you the freedom and flexibility to go on that holiday, buy that new car, undertake that important project or get your debts under control.

First in Finance, with their range of relationships with a vast variety of lenders and options and help you with a personal loan that fits your unique needs.

Personal loans are ideal for those seeking finance who don’t have assets to use as security or don’t want to offer security as part of their loan requirements.

First in Finance, with their range of relationships with a vast variety of lenders and options can help you with a personal loan that fits your unique needs.  We can take care of all the leg work for  you and help you find the most competitive personal loan quickly.  First in Finance can help you access the lowest rates, and the best repayment options according to your individual circumstances.

First in Finance can assist with:

  • Fixed Rate Personal Loans – With a fixed rate personal loan, you pay a fixed rate over the life of the loan.  You will not be affected by any change in interest rates and can benefit from flexible repayment terms.
  • Variable Rate Personal Loans – Take advantage of moving interest rates and also have the flexibility to make additional repayments without incurring bank fees.
  • Secured Car Loans – Borrow for a new or used car, using the vehicle as security and benefit from a lower rate than you could achieve with an unsecured loan. First In Finance can offer flexible repayment options.
  • Personal Overdrafts – Ease the pressure when you have unexpected expenses through a personal unsecured overdraft loan to an agreed limit.   First in Finance can help you secure a personal overdraft for long term or short term requirements.

“I was referred to First In Finance by a contact my father used to work with at St George Bank. First In Finance first contacted me and made a time to meet to run through my options and get an understanding of what my needs were. They took the time to listen and then provided me with a detailed breakdown of what options I had available to me in an easy to understand way. I had already applied to another lender but decided to go through First In Finance as their approach was very professional and clear. The option they provided me put me into a better product that would save me more in the long run.  I have already referred one of my colleagues to First In Finance and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.”

Alex, Sydney

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