Our client was a first home owner grant eligible (FHOG) buyer, looking to purchase a property at auction. The clients had diligently saved for their deposit and found the time was right to make the move to secure their first home.


Firstly, the director of First in Finance, Bronko Kozel assessed the client’s ability to service the facility and deposit requirements together with FHOG. After several discussions with key lenders, a suitable lender was sourced who was able to assess and provide a pre-approval comfort letter which enabled the clients to attend an auction with the comfort of knowing they had finance in place.


In April, they attended an Auction for the house they were keen to secure. The house went for a higher price than their budget. Some weeks later they successfully secured a property that they were over the moon to acquire and arranged to exchanged contracts. We then arranged for the lender to convert the pre-approval into a fully approval unconditional loan approval. The deal has settled June 2019.

What The Clients Says

“Bronko and his team have been absolutely amazing through this entire process. Buying your first home is easily the greatest financial commitment we have made to date and so understandably can come with a lot of doubt, stress etc.

A family friend recommended Bronko and they were right to do so. We gave him a very short timeframe to organise the pre-approval due to a fast upcoming Auction we wanted to attend. He and his team worked hard and fast for us and secured the pre-approval in time allowing us to attend the auction. We were unsuccessful in our bidding, which turned out to be a stroke of luck as we shortly after found an amazing home which we are absolutely over the moon about.

Throughout the entire process Bronko and his team were extremely helpful, answering my many difficult questions. They made the process smooth, and were even able to put our mind at ease when our solicitor was unable to.

A professional, fast and friendly service. I would recommend Bronko to anyone looking for a Broker to assist them in securing finance to purchase property.”

Matt Kitchener


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