iStock_000013586251_SmallAustralian real estate continues to be an attractive investment for non-residents, foreign nationals and Australian residents living and working overseas.

These buyers will now find it difficult to access finance for Property in Australia from the major banks.

If you are a non-resident, foreign national or an Australian living and working overseas, First in Finance can help you secure an investment loan (subject to credit assessment).

We can design a Property Investment Loan to suit you including:

  • Loans for non-resident borrowers looking to invest in Australia real estate with Foreign Investment review board approval (FIRB)
  • Loans for Purchase or refinance purposes
  • Loans for individuals with 90% of overseas income (converted to AUD) used for servicing + up to 100% of rent of the security property;
  • Loans with 100% Offset account available
  • Full Doc or Lo doc serviceability
  • Loans with applications based on PAYG or self employment 
Max LVR / Loan Amount Residential Full Doc $1.25m < 80% LVR
$2.50m < 75% LVR
$3.00m < 65% LVR
Residential Lo Doc $1.00m < 80% LVR
$2.50m < 75% LVR
$3.00m < 65% LVR
Commercial $2.00m < 70% LVR
$5.00m < 65% LVR
Loan Terms Maximum 30 Years for Residential ( P & I)
5 Years for Commercial (Interest Only)
Repayment options Residential Principal and Interest
Commercial Interest Only
Serviceability Rent from security property
Foreign income
Self employed

Contact First in Finance to discuss your requirements and or those of your clients.



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