Shartru Wealth are an established Financial Planning Firm specialising in providing advice to clients specifically around Self Managed Super Funds.  They were introduced to First In Finance by another financial services firm after expressing dissatisfaction with brokers who weren’t responsive enough to their clients and who had limited skills and experience when it came to more complex financial transactions.

They had been dealing with other brokers and were finding that they weren’t responsive enough and couldn’t deal with more complex financial transactions for their clients.  First in Finance met with the partners at Shartru and Keira and agreed that there were synergies between the businesses. 


Given Shartru’s experience with other broking firms, it was agreed that to build confidence, First In Finance would work with Shartru on a trial basis with one initial transaction to get an understanding of how well First In Finance could service any referred clients.

The first transaction was a home loan referred to First In Finance in early December 2015.  The clients were seeking to purchase an investment property between family members (Son and Parents)

The clients had gone to their Bank who were able to provide finance but with terms that the borrowers were unhappy to agree to.  There was an issue around additional security, names on titles and additional guarantees.

The son and the father were purchasing the property together as an investment and because the security was only provided by the parents, the banks viewed the security as an issue.

Once First in Finance fully assessed the transaction they were able to provide a finance approval with a major bank, with reasonable terms and no issues around the security.

First in finance was referred the deal on the 1st of December and had resolved the issues and had conditional approval granted on the 20th of December, unconditional approval 2 days later and the transaction was settled on the 20th of January.

Shartru are now referring all of their finance deals through to First in Finance many of which are Self Managed Super Fund loans.


What the partner says

“We had been introduced to First In Finance through another business and from our very first meeting with them, we knew they were diligent, reliable and would service our clients to the same level as we do. Unlike a few other brokers we’ve meet, we had no scepticism about them or the service.

 After experience with other finance brokers, we found that:

  • Clients enjoyed the contact with First in Finance
  • Clients had a clear understanding of the benefits offered
  • Clients would recommend the service forward to family and friends.

We have had very satisfied clients who now feel even more confident in us and the service providers that surround us. “Better than the local bank” as once claimed by a client.

We have already recommended First in Finance to other business partners. It seems amazing but it is hard to find a finance broker who is great with client and delivers a service with the same high expectation held by the client. The First In Finance team certainly do this.”  Steve Keegan, Financial Advisor, Shartru Wealth


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